Around the time when…

A general record of threads and themes and topics that I wrote about:

Closing of Summer 2010

Shifting from Summer Days & Nights beginning August 16th, 2010

Thank you Summer of Great Fruitioning 2010 for the fruits which ripened and the seeds planted and sprouting!

Summer 2010

  • Participating in the Dharma Bum Life Program
  • Initiating the Year to Live praktis inspired by Stephen Levine’s work
  • Summer of Great Fruitioning
  • Invocations to the Protectress of Dharma Workers ~ Mother Green Tara
  • Dharma teachings

July 25th, 2010

Day out of Time 2010

Full Moon in Aquarius


Beginning of “Year to Live” inspired praktis (~until Dec. 21, 2012) guided by Stephen Levine’s book and other teachings.

AtONEment • Attunement • Alignment • Fulfillment

This is it!


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