Year to Live Notes

July 3rd, 2010

Gathering thoughts, snippits and fragments of clarity (hopefully) for what might serve as a loose reading guide / “ideas for praktis” accompaniment to A Year to Live by Stephen Levine.  In his book, Levine outlines a month by month open framework for how to anchor into the process.  In the beginning, the author also reminds the reader/praktisyoner that the book can be read with an open-ended order and it does not have be read sequentially.

I’ve been browsing, reading, annotating and skipping freely around the book. The mind choosing to “read” the things that seems interesting to it.  That, or I’m dodging other chapters out of my own unexplored hesitations.

Anways, will be logging on this page here tidbits that I think will for other readers who would like to step into the YEAR TO LIVE praktis and some of the guiding thoughts,praktises, meditations, resources, etc. that I’ve found helpful along the way.

– – – – – –

July 3rd, 2010

“Don’t just talk about the medicine,  take it!”

“The practicing of loving kindness toward one’s enemy is the ultimate test of one’s own spiritual attainment.” ~quote by HH the Dalai Lama

“You might be in the Dharma, but is the Dharma inside of you?” ~quote by HE Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Expressive ~ Creative ~ Generative Praktises

1)  Create an altar
2)  Find a song, sing a chant, create a song, find a mantra
3) Write in a journal, write poetry
4) Soul Collage!
5) Write Love & Gratitude Letters to family and friends
6)  Tattoo self-making
7)  Plant trees and flowers, make offerings to Mother Earth
8)  Clear out and clean out house
9)  Make offerings
10)  Visit places of power
11)  Create a “reading guide” related to Year to Live to post as an offering to the 2012 year as we make the Great Transition
12)  Day of the Dead celebrations
13)  Finding My Lotus
14)  Creatively trace the year through a calendar/record
15)  Skillful Illusion – saying goodbye

Contemplative ~ Meditative ~ Healing Mindfulness Praktises

1)  Mindfulness of breath upon waking
2)  Lucid dreaming
3) Soft-belly praktis
4)  Forgiveness meditation
5)  Gratitude meditation
6)  Death contemplation
7)  Using Sickness as a meditation
8)  Life Review Process
9)  Visualizations:  healing, revisiting, communication with old relationships
10)  Honoring sacred places
11)  Finding My Lotus
12)  Skillful Illusion
13)  Phowa – Tibetan Buddhist praktis of consciousness transference
14)  Ascension meditation
15)  Chakra meditation

July 25, 2010

Father’s Death Anniversary Mass

Day Out of Time 2010

Full Moon in Aquarius

Beginning of Year to Live Praktis

Letter to Self on the First Day: YTL

Written on July 25th and revised on the 28th

Hello there Jnaseh,

You are at Deer Park Monastery this morning and are sitting here at the Solidity Hamlet meditation hall.

Today marks the beginning of the Year to LIve praktis for you and your kalyanamitra May.  We have come to our spiritual refuge, Deer Park Monastery, to initiate this year-long ceremony and praktis in coming to right relations with our life, with my life.

Right relations as in the Hopi prophecy.  Cultivating the conditions for the inner prophecy within myself to emerge.  Living the Dharma to heal my life.  Burning away, releasing, forgiving and coming to right relations with all things I can bring my awareness to.  Karma.  Celebrating Life by truly living and healing parts and aspects of myself.  No Mud, No Lotus.

Finding My Lotus Praktis.

Living My Lotus Praktis.

This is a declaration of my initiation into the Year to Live praktis as described by Stephen & Ondrea Levine.  It is my inspired attempt at dying to life.

This is my declaration on the Day Out of Time to deepen my commitment to live from my Heart and to come into right relations, with full and complete effort, 2.5 years before the winter soulstice 2012 grand turning.

I humbly request my ancestors, light guides, animal guides and spirit guides, Buddhas and protectors and angels to be with me to guide, teach, support and bless me during this time.  I know you are always there, but especially during this time of exploring, expanding and healing into a Year to Live, of coming closer to touching the ultimate truth of death meditation and making adjustments to my life to live in deeper accord with my heart~spirit~soul~body, may I have the blessings of all the Awakened Ones and Light Beings around me surrounding me and protecting me to be ever prsent during this pilgrimage of skillful illusion.

Expressions and Words that come to mind:

diligence, generosity, transformation at the base, surrender and celebration, spiritual communication, releasing karma, healing karma, offerings, generosity, self-mercy, self-forgiveness, fearlessness, crossing over to the other shore, gratitude, atonement, attunement, alignment…

May I be guided, inspired and diligently come from these places within myself.

May there be favorable conditions—changing as they may be—to praktis like this.

May I be able to listen, receive and realize spiritual communication and guidance during this time gaining support and motivation as well as guidance and certainty to know which way to go towards healing, healing, healing…experiencing the healing I took birth for!


…create and define my sadhanas

…be in communcation during this process

…make offerings when possible in whatever capacity I can

…generate a list of people that come to mind who will be part of my process

…Vajrasattva, Confessional Buddhas

…generosity praktis

…focus, concentration, daily sadhana

(to be continued)

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