On the opening day of my Year to Live praktis, the word Atonement came up for me.  A turning word, medicine poetry to be…

Then, with Atonement or AtONEment came Attunement (via Dove) and Alignment to round it off as a trio.

At this moment, I have a working sense of what Atonement and Attunement, though not as clear yet about Alignment. All good.  Releasing.  Or perhaps, Atonement and Attunement, when engaged, create Alignment.  Alignment arising from Atonement and Attunement???  Right now, as they are here with me, or I am inviting them in, although I am not certain how they all fit together.   Release.  Release.

Yesterday, a friend shared with me her Ancestral Praktis.

Atone.  Attune.  Align.  Ancestors.

Healing Self, Healing the World.  Healing Our Ancestors.

Atonement & AtONEment Praktises

Life Review

Forgiveness, self-forgiveness

Confessional Buddhas, Vajrasattvas

Repaying Kindness & Forgiveness

Remembering & Repaying

the kindness of those who

have been supportive of me in my past.

Guru devotion = forgiveness (mind transformation) + repaying the kindness of others over and over and over again.

The repayment of kindness is not about a debt, but as a continuation. Rinpoche repays the kindness, he says, because on a deeper level, at one time, his students have been his own mother.
(endless gratitude, “utang ng loob”)

Attunement Praktises

Medicine poetry (turning words)

Offerings (as repaying kindness)

Website for Together We Are One

Alignment Praktises

Action dimension


Peaceful Action, Open Heart


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