funny what happens as i get older

people i know

friendships to keep or rejuvenate

and new friends and relationships to make

valuing connections even if i do not see or connect with you on a daily

(got called out for not being on FB for the umpteenth time!)

maybe this year, though i don’t think i’ll be in touch any more on it

blogging here and twitter has suited me just fine

as life continues and age progresses (DEATH MEDITATION via Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and Thay’s resolution about not wasting life comes to mind)

calls to mind the work we are contributing to this world individually/personally, socially, publically

and to continue forward in the clarity that THIS IS IT!

Through that realization, may we live ever more present to our situation, life and the life of others.

Sending metta to all my dear friends who I have kept in touch with and those who I have not, and those I will be meeting on this endless, endless path that turns to joy!



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Order of Interbeing (curriculum)

Dharma Study Aspirations (guided by Order of Interbeing curriculum)

Mentoring Models

What are my commitments in 2013 regarding Sangha praktis?


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Death Meditation by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

What am I doing with my life, with this year, with my aspirations?

Been making plans to look outwardly and at the same time, there’s this clarity that is arising about the here and now.

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche speaks on how we all meet our final moment as humans.  Explicit teaching on the finality of all human beings and how that helps to bring us to what is important now!

Also, brings to mind the Year to Live (Stephen Levine) process which a friend and I explored a couple of years ago.  Feeling clarity about renewal of consciousness, core beliefs, stories and relationships to who I am and how I want to be.

Who is this One?

Who am I?

Don’t I have enough?

“You Have Enough” calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh

Thay’s New Year’s Resolution
I’m determined not to waste my life, not to waste my time, I dare to live the life that I want to live.
I want every step that I make on this planet will bring joy and happiness to me and people.

I want every step that I make on this planet is a step that I make in the Kingdom of God and touching the Nirvana

It is my conviction that the path is the kingdom of God and the path is the nirvana.

New Year 2013 Prayer

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Crossing over to the other shore

Mahayana as Paramitayana

The vehicle of the paramitas (great perfections)

Thay Phap Hai shares about the perfections here: crossing over to the other shore

2013 Dharma Study Aspiration:

1.  Study paramitas

2.  Study OI preparatory books

3.  Manjushri mantra: Om ara badza na dhi

4.  Saraswati mantra: Om sara siddhi hring hring

Dove said I would be taking on a course of study for my practice.  Perhaps, it will be the paramis, OI preparatory studies?  Starting off the new year and the new era reinforcing dharma study and knowlege, with praktis of course!


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Productivity Without Exhaustion

Still a couple more days left until returning to teaching schedule.  Productive day, but not with the exhaustion that usually follows.  Been looking closely at int’l school apps process, and will send out what I can and see what will happen.  Reading reviews of schools and school directors can be discouraging.  I want to conduct my “due diligence” but at the same time, don’t want the experiences of others to deter me from activating this process further.

Chanted Dzambala mantra and poured/offered water on Dzambala’s head this evening.  I would like to read the entire sadhana, though maybe just once a week though.

Abundance, abundance, abundance!

Saw a workshop in a few weeks at Against the Stream, Santa Monica led by Caitriona Reed on Mindfulness, Mindset and Money.  Oooooh, reminds me of that book, the Energy of Money that friends and I read several years back.

Creating opportunities, requesting, making opportunities by being open to give, ask, receive.  Engaging more fully the gifts of the Universe in all the ways it will come.  Dana.  Generosity.  Even a kind smile or word or laugh is an expression of giving.

Very much liking the small Dzambala statue I got at the local feng shui store!  So bright, so golden, shiny 🙂 and today, Moms saw the solar powered prayer wheel and was intrigued by it!  I could have sworn yesterday, the prayer wheel was turning counter clock-wise and I even tweeted about it. Looked it up and everything to figure out if inauspicious.  Luckily, counter clockwise was the way of the Bon people, indigenous Tibetan culture and spirituality.  BUT, this morning, when I brought the double sided tape to secure the solar powered prayer wheel to dashboard, I noticed that the prayer wheel was NOW spinning clockwise.  We’ll see tomorrow if my mind is playin’ tricks on me.

Either way, happiness for the Om Mani Padme Hum prayers and reminders as I drive.

Principal sent thank you cards to leadership team members.  Very kind of him.




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Practicing in the Midst of Activity (Gina Sharpe)

I was looking for dharma talks from a POC retreat offered by Gina Sharpe entitled DIVINE SANITY.  Ahhh, those words feel so liberating just to hear them!

I don’t think this dharma talk was from that retreat specifically, but nonetheless:





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Dzambhala in 2013

Went to a feng shui shop looking for an elephant with trunk turned up 🙂 and saw a solar powered prayer wheel (counter-clockwise turn, like Bon Po tradition) and a small but striking, golden Dzambhala statue. 

So, went home and set up the statue on the New Year’s altar.  Then, listening again to H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s talk on the Wealth Buddha.


Other links about Dzambhala

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