funny what happens as i get older

people i know

friendships to keep or rejuvenate

and new friends and relationships to make

valuing connections even if i do not see or connect with you on a daily

(got called out for not being on FB for the umpteenth time!)

maybe this year, though i don’t think i’ll be in touch any more on it

blogging here and twitter has suited me just fine

as life continues and age progresses (DEATH MEDITATION via Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and Thay’s resolution about not wasting life comes to mind)

calls to mind the work we are contributing to this world individually/personally, socially, publically

and to continue forward in the clarity that THIS IS IT!

Through that realization, may we live ever more present to our situation, life and the life of others.

Sending metta to all my dear friends who I have kept in touch with and those who I have not, and those I will be meeting on this endless, endless path that turns to joy!



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