Productivity Without Exhaustion

Still a couple more days left until returning to teaching schedule.  Productive day, but not with the exhaustion that usually follows.  Been looking closely at int’l school apps process, and will send out what I can and see what will happen.  Reading reviews of schools and school directors can be discouraging.  I want to conduct my “due diligence” but at the same time, don’t want the experiences of others to deter me from activating this process further.

Chanted Dzambala mantra and poured/offered water on Dzambala’s head this evening.  I would like to read the entire sadhana, though maybe just once a week though.

Abundance, abundance, abundance!

Saw a workshop in a few weeks at Against the Stream, Santa Monica led by Caitriona Reed on Mindfulness, Mindset and Money.  Oooooh, reminds me of that book, the Energy of Money that friends and I read several years back.

Creating opportunities, requesting, making opportunities by being open to give, ask, receive.  Engaging more fully the gifts of the Universe in all the ways it will come.  Dana.  Generosity.  Even a kind smile or word or laugh is an expression of giving.

Very much liking the small Dzambala statue I got at the local feng shui store!  So bright, so golden, shiny 🙂 and today, Moms saw the solar powered prayer wheel and was intrigued by it!  I could have sworn yesterday, the prayer wheel was turning counter clock-wise and I even tweeted about it. Looked it up and everything to figure out if inauspicious.  Luckily, counter clockwise was the way of the Bon people, indigenous Tibetan culture and spirituality.  BUT, this morning, when I brought the double sided tape to secure the solar powered prayer wheel to dashboard, I noticed that the prayer wheel was NOW spinning clockwise.  We’ll see tomorrow if my mind is playin’ tricks on me.

Either way, happiness for the Om Mani Padme Hum prayers and reminders as I drive.

Principal sent thank you cards to leadership team members.  Very kind of him.




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