walked out to the backyard, sunlight new year 2012 morning

step step

butterfly on the ground flies up up and away



Transmutation, Dance of Joy

The butterfly is the symbol of change, joy and color.
It is the symbol of the soul.

They remind us that life is a dance,
not to take things quite so seriously.
They also remind us to get up and move.
Dance brings the sweetness of life.

Butterflies bring color and joy to your life.
Look at them and remember what joy is in your life,
if its a lot or a little, it is still joy.

They teach us that growth and transformation does not have to traumatic;
it can occur gently, sweetly, joyfully.

If a butterfly totem has shown up in your life,
make note of the most important issues in your life,
and see what needs to be changed.

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