To the other shore…

Going, going, going completely…

Gate gate paragate parasam gate bodhi svaha

May we all take the blessed journey to cross over and encounter the vast shore of our other self.

May all realize and touch the depth of their spiritual identity and sovereignty.

Remembering my Suroeste Dharma Journey last year and the preparation leading up:

Gateway: South+East Asia

June 14th, 2009

Dear Friend, Teacher and Guide Michael Dove came by with some friends and we enjoyed some yummmyummmm Vietnamese food from Saigon Friday night. Then, we all sat down and chatted about how our gateway year’s been progressing.
Dove shared with me these inspired words specifically about my upcoming trip and how it relates to my Gentle Birth of 2009:
Your trip, I see a lot of joy, laughter, fun, heart expansion. A destiny thing. There is a sense of expansion, of transcending duality is what you came in to do so you’ve constructed a context to give yourself an experience for that to happen. A lot of what you encounter will feel very familiar to you. You will know how to transcend because you are so ready, because you’ve done it before in previous lifetimes, which is why you are able to construct the means and vessel for this transcendence again. It is like transcendence, ascension, transcendence, enlightenment over and over again for the sheer joy of doing it over again. There will be a sense of appointments kept. It will be fun!
I see you meeting individuals that you have definitely known in past lives. There will be an understanding on their part, too. There will be an understanding on a soul level about what you’ve come for. You’ll have an experience of an appointment kept. You’ll know that you are stepping concretely. It will be very uncanny. Connect. Clear. It will give you an experience of strength and identity that you can do and move a lot further if you choose. it will be a confirmation that you can do this, operate, deal fluidly and confidently in this realm, and it works well. That is what you will gain. You will know how this flows now. Your sense of self, identity will solidify in particular ways. Your sense of spiritual sovereignty. It confirms that you have done this before, which is why you are connecting with these folks again. It is almost a formality.
You are inwardly, you have a readiness to transform. With your travels, the anticipation, you are ready to let it do its thing in terms of the new experience, the expansion, the process, the growth that is always a part of that. There is a destiny aspect to it. It’s like you are right on schedule. You are supposed to expand into a broader work, a wider, encompassing identity. This is like an experience that initiates that mode, that expanded identity that actually is you and how authority has worked for you is that it’s been comfortable for you to put authority out there.

This is like a special experience that will let you expand so that authority does not need to be out there, but will sit naturally in the center of you. Experiences will help you see that it is okay, that it is how it functions. It becomes less necessary for it to be out there. It blends, meets, melds into something that looks more inside of you. And you learn to let it be okay for it to be there. You discover more and more how okay that is. The experience of that joy of expansion in that way, that joy of consolidating the identity so that the protocol dissolves around authority being placed outside. The need for you to experience safety by putting it out there dissolves as an issue and becomes a non-issue.

When I look at that on a deep inner level, I get sublime celebration. It is a way of transcending and dissolving the duality. That is the theme of the day, this time. When that happens, the experience of authority loses the cumbersome nature of dealing with it in a dualistic way. When the duality is dissolved, the authority just is. Authority happens. It just happens and there is no issue. It is like who cares if you can point to it or not – it just is. There is a celebration of unity, of dissolving duality.

Teaching the experience, teaching the work begins to feel like it comes from a difference place. It happens all around. Teaching is. Teaching happens. The fixed point of reference of where teaching comes from gets decentralized and dissolved. It is going to be fun playing with that. Playing with the truth of it. It becomes more like the cloud. Authority is like a silver cloud. It does not need a fixed point aspect.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dove provides intuitive readings and insights to the greater San Diego community Thursdays and Sundays at the Controversial Bookstore in North Park. He is available for distance readings, too. For more info, you can search for him on Youtube as well as visit his websites:
P.S. Thanks to Kalyanamitra Auspicious Path for transcribing and sending me these notes!
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